What to entertain yourself with besides the exhibition?

Lunchtime entertainment - Our amusement park is pleased to welcome

If you decide to visit our exhibition with your family, you have to consider the interests and wishes of the youngest visitors (your children). We are well aware of this and have long been working to make the exhibition area interesting and convenient for everyone, both for adults and children. And we are glad that today we have succeeded in it very well.
Our park is open to everyone who has bought a visitor’s ticket or ordered a grand tour. Children up to 10 years old are allowed in without a ticket. We also provide special conditions for large families, school excursions or sick people. If you think it would be more appropriate to give you a discount or even make your visit free – contact us.
The amusement park has about 50 different rides including 5 different slides, go-kart races, shooting galleries, bowling, swings and more. You’ll need a whole day to try out everything that’s on offer here.
If you get hungry, you can always find something tasty at one of the deli stands. The park offers European, American, English and even Mexican cuisine. And every year this list will only grow, because we are constantly attracting new people.
Everyone will find their favorite dish here, you don’t have to worry about that.
For the convenience of visitors, the park is divided into four large independent zones, and right next to the entrance you will find a large map with useful information and a list of all the rides.
The first zone that will meet you is only for adults who also want to experience the fastest rides and reach maximum speed and heights. If you think you’re fearless enough for these rides, you can take your chances and ride the fastest ride, the Fire Bull.
The next zone is perfect for whole families. The rides here are not as fast and extreme, but no less exciting – you can ride them as a family. An ideal choice if you want to spend time together.
The third zone is designed for the youngest ones. If your child is under 10 years old, this zone will be the most comfortable for him. All the attractions here are designed exclusively for children of this age, and in the area there will be several volunteers to help and entertain children.
The last zone has stalls with food and drinks. After a busy time on the slides, you will surely get hungry and want something tasty. In this case we will be glad to see you in this area.

Our pride is the big Ferris wheel. From the top there is a beautiful view of the whole exhibition. You’re sure to enjoy

Do you like extreme sports and thrills? Just look at this monster. Only the most courageous and desperate will dare to try it. Do you think you’re one of them? Let’s find out.


Our slides will not leave anyone indifferent. From the youngest to the oldest – everyone buckle up, we’re off to a great start.